Being adjudicated (having a formal judgement against you) in juvenile court can have lasting consequences. You are eligible for an expunction if:

1. You are now 18 years old,

2. 18 months has passed since you were released from the jurisdiction of juvenile court,

3. You have no adjudications or convictions (juvenile or adult) since the offense, and

4. You were not adjudicated of a Class A-E felony.

If you meet this criteria, you will need to complete this AOC-J-903M and the required affidavits. You will also need to get two non-family members to fill out AOC-J-904M confirming your good character.  There is NO FEE to file this petition with the court; however, you are not entitled to have court appointed counsel to complete this process.

For more information on this and other types of expunction-including juvenile dismissals, undisciplined, and under 18 year old expunctions in adult court, please visit the NC Justice Center and their Summary of North Carolina EXPUNCTIONS.

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