New JLWOP Report: No Hope: Re-examining Lifetime Sentences for Juvenile Offenders, by PhillipsBlack

PhillipsBlack, a non-profit civil rights law firm, has just released No Hope: Re-examining Lifetime Sentences for Juvenile Offenders. The report details the history and policies behind the sentencing of children and youth to life without parole, with particular attention paid to the geographical status of JWLOP cases and policies (including North Carolina), and the impact of JWLOP on children and youth of color.

Motions Bank

In an effort to continue to improve the usability of this website, the Office of the Juvenile Defender has recently made some changes that will make navigation and research of the motions bank a little easier.

You can now access the motions bank directly by clicking on Information for Defenders, Materials for Defenders. A separate Juvenile Defender Trial Motions and Forms tab will open as you hover over Materials for Defenders. Hopefully, this change will allow you to access the motions and forms that you need without multiple clicks.

Check out the new page and let us know if there are any bugs/glitches or if there are any improvements to the site that you would like to see. As always, it is our desire to serve as a resource to you. Your feedback is both welcome and appreciated.