Meet OJD’s 2015 Fall Intern Allie Maccioli


My name is Alexandra (Allie) Michelle Maccioli. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended St. David’s high school and graduated in 2010. After high school, I studied at the University of South Carolina where I double majored in Political Science and Criminal Justice.  I graduated in 2014 and began at Campbell Law School, where I am currently a 2L. From a young age I knew I wanted a career with the law; I was especially eager about the criminal sector. I worked in the Solicitor’s Office in Columbia, South Carolina during my college career, where I solidified that passion for criminal law. I am hoping to grow my knowledge and experience in working at the Office of the Juvenile Defender, in order to become the zealous advocate that all clients deserve.

NCAJ Juvenile Defense Section Meeting: Thursday, September 17 @ 12:30

juvenile defense section meeting

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Discussion topics include:
HB879 What does this mean for your clients?
Legislative update
Update on Raise the AgeWhere do we stand today?
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* You do not have to be a member of the Juvenile Defense Section
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Court of Appeals Delinquency Opinions

The Court of Appeals released five delinquency related opinions in July.


State v. Saldierna, 2015 N.C. App. LEXIS 630

Rule(s): Ambiguous statement(s) touching on a juvenile’s right to have a parent present during an interrogation triggers a requirement for the interviewing officer to clarify the juvenile’s meaning


In the matter of K.M.M., 2015 N.C. App. LEXIS 572

Rule(s): Adjudication orders are not required to delineate each element of an offense.

Detention and Custody

In the matter of R.B.L., 2015 N.C. App. LEXIS 592 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s): A juvenile is not considered in custody unless he is subjected to additional restraints beyond those generally imposed during school hours.

Conflicts and Restitution

In the matter of T.H. & A.M., 2015 N.C. App. LEXIS 599 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s): (1) Dispositional orders requiring restitution must include findings of fact demonstrating that the best interests of the juvenile are being served.

(2) Unless circumstances indicate otherwise, trial courts may assume that multiple representation entails no conflict or that the attorney and his clients knowingly accept such risk of conflict may exist


In the matter of I.E.H., 2015 N.C. App. LEXIS 555 (unpublished opinion)

Rule(s): Short form language in juvenile petitions is allowable.

New Materials – Expunction Toolkit

Expunction Reminder Card3_front

Talking to clients about eligibility for expunction and exposure to collateral consequences can be challenging.  To assist defenders in having a conversation with youth about expunction, there is now an Expunction Toolkit located under Materials for Defenders on the OJD website.  The Toolkit includes the following materials:

  • Power point presentation (with voiceover) explaining the law and impact of expunction
  • Flow chart of expunction eligibility
  • Impact chart of certain adjudications on future criminal involvement
  • Collateral consequences chart and manual of juvenile adjudications in NC
  • Expunction reminder card, front and back

We hope to be periodically adding information to assist defenders.  As a reminder, expunction materials for youth can be be found here.  Thanks so much to Hannah Emory, Erica Navalance, Luke Wollard and Katie Tysinger for their help!

Annual Juvenile Defender Conference – Last Day to Register is Thursday, August 6

Registration is open for the 2015 Juvenile Defender Conference, to be held August 14, 2015 at the UNC School of Government.  Registration ends this Thursday, August 6.The Juvenile Defender Conference addresses topics of interest to attorneys who represent children in delinquency proceedings. This year’s conference will address racial disparity and the role of defense counsel.  It will include sessions on applying the School of Governments’ Race Manual to delinquency cases and using pre adjudication advocacy to combat racial disparity. The conference will include an ethics session on implicit bias and the role of the juvenile defenders. A case law and legislative update session is included as well. The conference, cosponsored by the School of Government and the Office of Indigent Defense Services, offer six hours of CLE credit—including one hour of ethics/professional responsibility—and feature instructors from across the state. The link to register is