Our mission can be described in four parts:

  • to provide services and support to defense attorneys,
  • to evaluate the current system of representation and make recommendations as needed,
  • to elevate the stature of juvenile delinquency representation,
  • and to work with other juvenile justice actors to promote positive change in the juvenile justice system.

Our office is a part of the Office of Indigent Defense Services (IDS). IDS has a number of responsibilities, including: 

  • 1) overseeing the provision of legal representation to indigent defendants and others entitled to counsel under North Carolina law
  • 2) developing training, qualification, and performance standards to govern the provision of legal services to indigent persons
  • 3) determining the most appropriate methods of delivering legal services to indigent persons in each judicial district
  • 4) providing services in the most cost-effective manner possible

The attorneys we assist represent juveniles in the North Carolina Court System. Juvenile Court currently serves youth between the ages of 6 and 17 in North Carolina.

Contact us at:

The Office of the Juvenile Defender

PO BOX 2448

Raleigh NC 27602

 (919) 890-1650

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